Barney: [finishing Up His Beer] Well, I Gotta Go.

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Barney: [finishing up his beer] Well, I gotta go. I got a date with
the lady in front of the drug store who's always yelling
things. [leaves]
Moe: She told me she was washing her hair tonight. [sighs] I'm
so desperately lonely.
[the laugh track does its thing]
Grampa: [voice only] Ah, quit your bellyaching, you big loser.
Moe: Who, who said that?
Grampa: I did! It's me, Abe Simpson.
Moe: But you're d-d-d-dead.
Grampa: I died, but I've came back as your love-testing machine. I'm
the love-matic Grampa.
Moe: [screams -- with a great facial expression, by the way]
-- "The Simpsons Spinoff Showcase"