Grampa: [mechanically] Lovelorn. You Need Man. Moe Near Now.

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Grampa: [mechanically] Lovelorn. You need man. Moe near now. Go
near Moe.
Betty: What?
Moe: "Go near Moe." I'd say that's a pretty strong endorsement.
So how about you and me go out sometime? You know, out back.
Grampa: [flashing the international sign for "no" on his display
panel] Eh-eh-eh.
Moe: I mean, ah, out to dinner, at a fancy French restaurant?
Grampa: [flashing a heart on the panel] Ding!
Betty: Sounds great. And if this love tester's as accurate as it
looks, maybe we'll be having breakfast, too. [leaves, to
studio audience "woo"-ing]
Moe: You did it, Grampa! You really are a love expert.
Grampa: Dang right. Fact is, I invented kissing. It was during
World War I, and they were looking for a new way to spread
Moe: [turns to camera and shrugs]
-- There goes our wacky Grampa,
"The Simpsns Spinoff Showcase"