Wiggum: [picking Up The Phone] Who Is This? Skinne

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Wiggum: [picking up the phone] Who is this?
Skinner: It's me, chief. I'm on the other extension.
Big Daddy: Now you listen up mon ami, and you listen good, hear? The
name's Daddy, Charles Daddy.
Wiggum: Big Daddy! What have you done with my boy, Daddy?
Big Daddy: Ah, the boy is fine -- so far. I taught him to play the
[Ralph blissfully tries to play the spoons with his nose]
If you ever want to see that boy again, I suggest you leave
town today, hear? [hangs up]
Wiggum: [hangs up] Sounds like there was some kind of party going
on in the background. Are there any parties today,
Skinner: Eh. Not really a party town. Though if I remember
correctly they occasionally a function called Marty's ...
-- "The Simpsons Spinoff Showcase"