Prudhomme: I Guar-an-tee! Skinner: Will You Stop Saying That!

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Prudhomme: I guar-an-tee!
Skinner: Will you stop saying that!
Wiggum: So Skinner, who do you figure threw that skull through my
window. What's the word on the streets?
Skinner: Well, to be honest Chief, I haven't lived in New Orleans
for forty-two years. Although according to an article I
read in "Parade" magazine ...
Wiggum: Uh-huh.
Skinner: ... a criminal by the name of "Big Daddy" runs this town.
Wiggum: "Big Daddy," eh? Well, he won't feel so big if he messes
with Chief Wiggum, P. I. again. Which I sincerely doubt he
-- Doubting Clancy, "The Simpsons Spinoff Showcase"