Zweig: Er, Marge, This May Not Be The Best Time To Bring This Up, But, Uh, Your Last Check Bounced.

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Zweig: Er, Marge, this may not be the best time to bring this up, but,
uh, your last check bounced.
Marge: Wait, I'm remembering something.
Zweig: Yes, Marge, there's still the matter of --
Marge: I was a little girl...
[flashback to Marge holding Daddy's hand]
Daddy: Goodbye, Margie. Be a good girl, now. [gets on plane]
Marge: Why does Daddy have to leave?
Mommy: Because he's a pilot. He flies all over the world.
Marge: I want to see Daddy fly. [runs up plane steps]
Mommy: Margie! No, come back!
[Marge gets inside, looks around]
Marge: Daddy? Daddy, where are --
Daddy: [a steward] So, who wants pre-flight cookie? Fig Newtons?
Marge: Daddy? Aah!
Daddy: Don't look at me. Don't look at me!
-- The shameful truth comes out, "Fear of Flying"