Wiggum: You! Big Daddy: Welcome To My Maison, Chief.

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Wiggum: You!
Big Daddy: Welcome to my maison, Chief. I've been expecting you.
Wiggum: Is that so, Big Daddy? Well expect this: [draws gun] The
arrest of you, by me.
Big Daddy: New Orleans is my town. Nobody going to mess with me. I
got interests, and I ain't talking about stamp collecting,
though I do find that extremely interesting.
Skinner: Oh yeah? That makes two of us.
Big Daddy: You know, boys, there's an old saying down on the bayou
that, uh, blah! [throws Ralph at Wiggum and Skinner]
-- They're mighty eloquent down on the bayou,
"The Simpsons Spinoff Showcase"