Homer: Would You Like Me To Shred Those Environmental Reports For You, Sir?

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Homer: Would you like me to shred those environmental reports for you,
Burns: Already taken care of.
[shreds the reports and throw them out the window]
Burns: [chuckles] Capucino, Simpson?
[phone ringing]
[answers] Ahoy-hoy? No, you have the wrong number. This is
4-2-*4*-6. I suspect you need more practice working your
telephone machine. Not at all. Ahoy!
Homer: Uh, Mr. Burns, is there anything at all I can do for you?
Burns: No, Homer, you've already done more for me than any man. Your
brutal attack forced me to fend for myself. I realize now that
being waited on hand and foot is OK for your average Joe, but
it's not for me.
-- But at least you can afford it, "Homer the Smithers"