Burns: The Telephone Has Been Ringing For Some Time.

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Burns: The telephone has been ringing for some time.
[severely] Answer it.
Homer: [answers] Yello.
[to Burns] It's for you.
Smithers: [on a public phone] Mr. Burns, 48 rings, are you all right?
What did Simpson do to you?
Burns: Nothing other than drive me to distraction with his
incompetent boobery. Terrible at everything, a complete
[Homer is still holding the phone]
But I'm not really free to talk right now.
Look, stop calling me and enjoy your vacation. And remember,
I want to see lots of pictures when you get back.
Smithers: [obviously calling from a "men only" bar]
Uh, actually sir, picture-taking is not allowed at this...
particular resort.
[a conga line of men forms behind him]
Oop, I gotta go now, there's a line forming behind me.
[joins in]
-- Nah, it can't be what it seems, "Homer the Smithers"