Smithers: [feeding Him] Here Comes The Endangered Condor Into The Power Lines.

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Smithers: [feeding him] Here comes the endangered condor into the power
lines... I've got Bobo hot from the dryer. Careful not to burn
yourself on his eye.
Burns: I don't need you to do any of this. I'm totally self-reliant
now. What I would like though is a Spanish peanut.
[Smithers hands him one]
[Smithers skins it and puts it in Burns' mouth]
Burns: [chewing] It's a remarkable thing, in the short time you were
gone, I learned to be completely self-reli...
[Smithers feeds him another peanut]
Oh, and as for that brutish fellow who knocked me out the
window, see that he gets what's coming to him.
Smithers: I already have, sir.
[Homer and his family enjoy a huge "Thank You" basket]
Bart: What did you get that for?
Homer: For knocking Mr. Burns out of a 3rd story window.
Bart: Makes sense to me.
Lisa: Did he die?
Homer: What am I, a doctor?
-- Looks like it's back to our wacky adventures,
"Homer the Smithers"