Homer: Woo Hoo! We Won! We Won! [Homer, Apu, And Moe Dance While The Kid Gets The Trophy From The Case] [Homer Holds It, But Burns Takes It] Bu

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Homer: Woo hoo! We won! We won!
[Homer, Apu, and Moe dance while the kid gets the trophy from
the case]
[Homer holds it, but Burns takes it]
Burns: You mean, _I_ won.
Apu: But we were a team, Sir.
Burns: Oh, I'm afraid I've had one of my trademark changes of heart.
You see, teamwork will only take you so far. Then, the truly
evolved person makes that extra grab for personal glory. Now, I
must discard my teammates, much like the boxer must shed roll
after roll of sweaty, useless, disgusting flab before he can win
the title. Ta!
[walks off with Smithers]
Homer: I guess some people never change. Or, they quickly change and
then quickly change back.
Moe: You know what? We don't need him, or his trophy! We got each
other, huh?
[general murmurs of agreement]
-- The only ship worth a damn, "Team Homer"