Milhouse: Uh...what's Your Dad's Job Again? Ba

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Milhouse: Uh...what's your dad's job again?
Bart: He's a nuclear safety technician.
Nelson: What's he doing with that broom?
Bart: [sheepish] Uh...what isn't he doing?
Jimbo: I heard that guy's ass has its own congressman.
[laughs, gives Nelson a high five]
Lisa: Hey, leave my dad alone. Just because he's overweight doesn't
mean he's bad: he's a sweet man and he has real feelings.
Homer: [inside] Hey, what are you kids looking at?
Milhouse: Hey, look he's trying to get up and yell at us!
Homer: Don't make me close that shade!
[pokes window with broom, then loses interest]
-- Idle threats -- literally, "King-Size Homer"