Bart: People, People! It's Time We All Discussed The Pool Safety Rules!

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Bart: People, people! It's time we all discussed the pool safety
Kids: [chanting] Jump, Bart, jump! Jump, Bart, jump!
Bart: You got it!
Nelson: Hey, Bart! Your epidermis is showing.
Bart: [worried] It is? [checks himself]
[the kids laugh]
[Bart falls, starts yelling]
Nelson: [to Kearney] See, "epidermis" means your hair.
[Bart lands with a thud]
So technically it's true. That's what makes it so funny.
Pardon me a moment --
[at Bart] Ha ha!
Milhouse: Hey Nelson, he's really hurt. I think he broke his leg.
Nelson: [exasperated] I said, "Ha ha"!
-- A quote for every occasion, "Bart of Darkness"