Homer: Ah, The Miracle Mile, Where Value Wears A Neon Sombrero And There's Not A Single Church Or Library To Offend The Eye.

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Homer: Ah, the miracle mile, where value wears a neon sombrero and
there's not a single church or library to offend the eye.
[spots "Lard Lad Donuts" and its tubby boy statue holding a
donut over his head]
There it is! The chain that put the "fat" in "fat Southern
[walks in to the store]
I want a colossal donut, just like the one on the sign.
[gets handed a regular-sized donut]
D'oh! Nuts. That's false advertising!
Kid: Sorry, sir, no refunds.
Homer: [menacing] I paid for a colossal donut, and I'm going to get a
colossal donut! [walks out]
Kid: You don't scare us!
-- Homer threatens pastry revenge,
"Treehouse of Horror VI"