Ned: Good Night, My Little Foundlingadings. Ba

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Ned: Good night, my little foundlingadings.
Bart: But it's only 7:00.
Lisa: Yeah, the sun is still out.
[she lifts the blinds to show most kids still playing]
[Ned pulls them back down]
Kids: [sighing] Oh...
[Ned and Maude check on Maggie in her playpen]
Maude: [singing] They say your folks can't pay the rent,
So we're watching you by act of government.
Ned: [singing] Well, I don't know if the allegations are true,
But you got us, and baby, we got you.
Together: Babe, we got you, babe.
-- Maude's butt tries to be as high as Cher's,
"Home Sweet Home-Diddily- Dum-Doodily"