Ned: Well, Children, It's Saturday Night. So, What Say We Let Our Hair Down And Play "Bombardment"?

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Ned: Well, children, it's Saturday night. So, what say we let our
hair down and play "Bombardment"?
Bart+Lisa: Yay!
Ned: Of Bible questions?
Rod+Todd: Yay!
Ned: Which version shall it be?
Todd: St. James!
Rod: The Vulgate of St. Jerome!
[Ned looks through the Bible bookcase]
Ned: "Vulgate" it is.
Todd: [disappointed] Aw.
Ned: OK, for one gold star, what Persian kind exempted the Levites
from taxation?
Rod: Artaxerxes!
Ned: Righty-o!
[licks a star, sticks it on Rod's face]
-- Whoop de do, "Home Sweet Home-Diddily-Dum-Doodily"