Lisa: Hey, Bart. How's Your Arm? Bart: It's All Right.

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Lisa: Hey, Bart. How's your arm?
Bart: It's all right. I was hoping they'd give me one of those
steel claws, but what are you gonna do...
Lisa: Mm.
Bart: I'm -- sorry I was such a jerk last night. Guess I sorta
ruined your babysitting business.
Lisa: Yeah, well, that's okay. I can always sell seeds. You want
some seeds?
Bart: No thanks.
Lisa: [depressed] Ohh.
[the phone rings; Lisa picks up]
Hello. World's worst babysitter speaking.
Hibbert: Lisa! I'm glad I reached you. Are you available to babysit
Lisa: Aren't you afraid I might take drugs and injure your
Hibbert: Yes, that is a concern, but it's so hard to find a sitter,
and I've got judo tonight!
Lisa: Um, okay, I'm sorry, can you hold on, please? [takes another
call] Hello?
Ned: Lisa, Ned Flanders. You available, tonight?
Lisa: Didn't you hear I almost killed my brother?
Ned: You did? Just a minute. [long pause] What time can you
come over?
-- Hey, nobody's perfect, "My Sister, My Sitter"