Marge: Here's Your Toast, Maggie! I Melbafied It Myself.

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Marge: Here's your toast, Maggie! I melbafied it myself.
[Lisa walks in]
Oh, Lisa, honey, I tracked down those old newspapers for your
history project.
Lisa: Wow, Mom. You didn't have to go to _this_ much trouble.
Marge: Oh, it was no trouble. The hobos at the dump were very
helpful...except one man seemed to have mental problems.
Bart: [walks in] 'Morning.
Marge: Bart, it's class photo day. No dracula fangs!
Bart: But they told us to wear them.
Marge: No they didn't! [pulls them from Bart's mouth]
[sees "I'm a stupid baby" taped to Lisa's back] Huh?
And don't put signs on your sister.
[gives the kids their lunches]
Now, keep the lettuce separate until 11:30. That way, the
lettuce stays moist and the bread stays dry! Huh? Huh?
-- Another Simpson family morning,
"Home Sweet Home-Diddily-Dum-Doodily"