Marge: A Tombstone?! Patty: It Came With The Burial Plot, But That's Not Importa

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Marge: A tombstone?!
Patty: It came with the burial plot, but that's not important: the
important thing is, Homer's dead.
Selma: We've been saving for this since your wedding day.
Marge: Get out of here, you ghouls! [shuts door] Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi.
[the power goes off] Huh?
[Marge goes to window, sees a man cutting the lines]
Uh, excuse me! Sir? I think there's been a mistake.
Workman: Oh, no, no mistake. Your electricity's in the name of Homer J.
Simpson, deceased. The juice stays off until you get a job or
a generator. Oh, and, uh, my deepest sympathies.
[Marge shuts the window and grunts]
Marge: Homer?
Homer: [walking in] That's my name.
Marge: When I asked you if that dummy was to fake your own death, you
told me no. You go downtown first thing in the morning and
straighten this out.
Lisa: {Mom! Dad! Bart ran into a doorframe and bit his tongue.}
Bart: {[lisping] What the hell's going on heah?}
-- It's just Homer faking his own death again,
"Mother Simpson"