Lisa: This Is Terrible! People Will Start To Avoid Springfield.

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Lisa: This is terrible! People will start to avoid Springfield.
Homer: But what can I do? I'm just...[counts "One" on fingers] one
Marge: I think we should call a town meeting. If we don't do something
soon, we won't get any tourists at all.
Bart: {No tourists?! I'll be ruined!
[cut to Bart outside next to a sign waving a pamphlet]
Maps to movie stars' homes!
[repeats same thing in Spanish]
[repeats same thing in some Oriental language]
[some Japanese tourists take one]
[cut to scene with them knocking on a door; Moe, in his
underwear, answers it]}
Father: {Excuse me, are you Drew Barrymore?}
Moe: {What? Get out of here, I'm hung over!}
Mother: {Sorry, Miss Barrymore.}
Moe: {What?}
-- The plight of Springfield's tourists,
"A Star is Burns"