Marge: [checks Her Watch] One More Hour. Homer: An Hour?

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Marge: [checks her watch] One more hour.
Homer: An hour? I can't wait another hour. What's keeping that stupid
[someone knocks on the door]
Ah, there it is.
[Ned answers it; the rest of Springfield stands outside]
Ned: Well, howdily-doodily, neighbors. Shouldn't you be in your
shelterinis by now?
Moe: [menacing] We haven't got shelterinis. We want in yours!
Ned: Well, ho ho, the shelter's kind of full.
Moe: [not realizing] Really? Oh. Well, we'll just go off some place
and die then. Thanks. [everyone walks off]
Ned: Wait! You know, I may regret this when our air runs out and we
can't whistle _or_ stay alive, but...oh, what the hey.
[everyone barges in]
-- Moe's bargaining tactics, "Bart's Comet"