Marge: Now, I Know We Love The Puppies Very Much, But I Think They're Getting To Be A Problem.

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Marge: Now, I know we love the puppies very much, but I think
they're getting to be a problem.
Bart: Yeah, they ate all my socks. I have to wear Lisa's to school
today. [Bart's socks are pink]
Homer: How do you explain the coulottes, boy?
Bart: [wearing a pink skirt] Well, I have to coordinate, don't I?
Homer: Your mother and I have been thinking about giving the puppies
Bart+Lisa: No!
Homer: Mainly your mother.
Lisa: Is that what we do in this family? When someone becomes an
inconvenience, we just get rid of them?
[camera pans rapidly to the Springfield Retirement Castle]
Abe: [picking up phone] Hello? Is anybody there? Aw...[hangs up]
-- Lisa, rhetoric queen, "Two Dozen & One Greyhounds"