BG: So, You All Set For Your Recital? Lisa: I Sure Am!

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BG: So, you all set for your recital?
Lisa: I sure am! Look: [shows her gums] I stopped brushing my teeth
so I can play just like you.
BG: Aw. Lisa, honey, music comes from what's in your heart, not
what's on your teeth. Come on, let's jam.
[he starts to play; Lisa sings]
Lisa: Lift me, won't you lift me above the old routine?
Make it nice, play it clean, Jazzman!
[she plays with him]
[people in the hospital hear and start to dance]
When the Jazzman's testifyin', a faithless man believes.
[a man's heart monitor displays musical notes]
He can sing you into paradise, or bring you to your knees.
[people dance and snap their fingers]
[Hibbert stitches "I (heart) JAZZ" onto a patient's stomach]
Jazzman, oh, Jazzman!
[they jam some more]
[Barney walks out of the Detox center into the Retox center]
Barney: Hey Moe, what'll you give me for an A. A. Chip?
Moe: Uh, Barney, this is a five minute chip. Ehh, it's worth a
Pabst. [draws him one]
-- Moe, just making his living, "'Round Springfield"