Burns: Now, Before We Adjourn, Gentlemen, I Have One Last Matter Of Utmost Importance.

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Burns: Now, before we adjourn, gentlemen, I have one last matter of
utmost importance. I need to send this parcel with the
profit projections to Pete Porter in Pasadena. And it
absolutely, positively _has_ to be there overnight.
[hands the package to the man to his right]
Man 1: Pete Porter, pass it on. [hands it on]
Man 2: Pasadena promptly. [hand it on]
Man 3: Package to parcel processing, pronto. [hands it to Smithers]
[Smithers runs into the parcel processing room]
Smithers: Forgot prende asked for highly pressing package of power
plant profit projections for Pete Porter in Pasadena.
Attendant: Priority?
Smithers: Precisely.
-- Pressing parcel processing,
"Who Shot Mr. Burns? Part One"