Burns: Imagine It, Smithers: Electrical Lights And Heaters Running All Day Long!

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Burns: Imagine it, Smithers: electrical lights and heaters running
all day long!
Smithers: But Sir! Every plant and tree will die, owls will deafen us
with incessant hooting...the town's sundial will be useless.
I don't want any part of this project, it's unconscionably
Burns: I will not suffer your insubordination. There has been a
shocking decline in the quality and quantity of your toadying,
Waylon. And you will fall into line, now!
Smithers: [pained] No...no, Monty, I won't. Not until you step back
from the brink of insanity.
Burns: I'll do no such thing. You're fired!
[Smithers walks out]
[Burns starts crushing things in the model]
Burns: [laughing] Take that, Bowlerama! [stomp] Take that,
Convenience Mart! [stomp] Take that, Nuclear Power Plan --
[stomp] oh, fiddlesticks.
-- Fiddle dee dee, "Who Shot Mr. Burns? Part One"