Patty: Well, Well, Well: Look Who Needs Us Again To Get His Chauffeur's License.

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Patty: Well, well, well: look who needs us again to get his chauffeur's
Homer: Look, all I ask is that you be fair.
Patty: Oh! Did not adjust side mirror. Minus one point.
Selma: Failed to check blind spot. Minus two points.
Homer: You won't be happy until my family thinks I'm a loser, will you?
Patty: You _are_ a loser, Homer...and we're winners. You gotta learn
Selma: Ooh, seat belt twisted. Minus one point.
Homer: Nagging the driver. Minus ten points for you!
Patty: Grazed a cone. Minus _five_ points!
Homer: Being a jerk. Minus a million points!
-- Did not! Did too!, "Homer vs. Patty and Selma"