Marge: I've Got To Tell Homer About This Baby In Just The Right Way And At Just The Right Time.

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Marge: I've got to tell Homer about this baby in just the right
way and at just the right time. Until then, please, keep
this to yourselves.
Patty: Oh, if he found out now, it would probably destroy him,
Marge: Oh, yes.
Patty+Selma: Gotta go!
Marge: Wait a minute! Wait, I know that look. Now promise you
won't tell Homer.
Selma: Oh, we promise we won't tell..._Homer_.
[they go to the phone book and open it to page one]
Patty: [dials 356756] Hello, is this A. Aaronson? It might
interest to you to know that Marge Simpson is pregnant
Patty: [on the phone] Just thought you'd like to know, Mr.
Zykowski. [hangs up, sighs] There. Aaronson and Zykowski
are the two biggest gossips in town. In an hour, everyone
will know.
-- Odd last-name coincidences, "And Maggie Makes Three"