Marge: Homer! Get Ready! Patty And Selma Will Be Here Any Minute.

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Marge: Homer! Get ready! Patty and Selma will be here any minute.
Homer: D'oh! Oh no...better ride this one out in the closet.
[opens it to see Bart and Lisa standing there]
Lisa: Sorry, Dad. This is our spot.
Homer: Oh yeah? Well it's _my_ house, so it's _my_ spot.
Bart: N'uh uh, because we called it.
Homer: Did not!
Lisa: Well, we're calling it now.
Homer: [plaintive] You are?
Bart: 'Fraid so.
Homer: Ohh, they got me with their legal mumbo-jumbo.
-- Which they learned from Matlock,
"Treehouse of Horror VI"