Brooks: [Yiddish Voice] What's With The Sir -- [normal Voice] What's With The Siren?

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Brooks: [Yiddish voice] What's with the sir -- [normal voice] What's
with the siren?
Wiggum: Evening, Simpson. You got a short and your taillight started
blinking when you made that turn. Let's see your chauffer's
Homer: Chauffeur's license, eh? Mel, buckle your borscht belt!
[floors it]
Wiggum: Um, since you're trying to make a getaway in "park", I'm
guessing you _don't_ have a license. Better head down to the
DMV; these two broads will help you out. [shows a photo]
Homer: Aah! Aah! Aah! Aah!
Brooks: Wow. Er, officer, this man is making me a little edgy. Could
you please give me a ride to the airport?
Wiggum: Well hey, hey! You're Mel Brooks. Sure, I'll give you a ride.
Brooks: Thank you.
Wiggum: Er, on the way, we can do that, uh, 2000-dollar man thing.
Brooks: Mmm...
Wiggum: You be Carl Reiner, and I'll be police chief Wiggum.
Brooks: Listen, why don't _you_ play Carl Reiner, and let _me_ play
police chief Wiggum? I hate Carl Reiner!
-- Not as much as Carl Sagan, though,
"Homer vs. Patty and Selma"