Homer: Oh, Wow! I Can't Believe My Very First Passenger Is Comedy Legend Mel Brooks!

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Homer: Oh, wow! I can't believe my very first passenger is comedy
legend Mel Brooks! I _love_ that movie "Young Frankenstein"...
scared the hell out of me.
Brooks: Um...thanks.
Homer: Hey! Let's do that 2000-pound man thing. I'll be that Carl
Reiner guy, and you be what's-his-face.
Brooks: [chuckles] Homer, it's not that easy. It takes the genius of
Carl Reiner and the rhythm and timing that only he and I --
Homer: [as Reiner] Sir, today every country has a national anthem. Did
they have national anthems 2000 years ago?
Brooks: [Yiddish voice] Sure. Sure, we had. Of course, we was caves...
but every cave had a national anthem. I'll never forget that my
cave's national anthem was --
Homer: What was that...national anthem?
Brooks: [singing] Let 'em all go to hell/except Cave 76 --
-- It's happening again!, "Homer vs. Patty and Selma"