Ned: Whatcha Diddely-doin', Neighbor? Homer: Aw, Putting Speed Holes In My Car.

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Ned: Whatcha diddely-doin', neighbor?
Homer: Aw, putting speed holes in my car. Makes it go faster.
Ned: Is that so? Well, gee, maybe the old Flanders-mobile could use
some -- [a shot rings out] aah! [Ned collapses]
[he gets up slowly] Wow! Lucky I always keep a bible close to
my heart -- [boom!] aah! [Ned collapses]
[he gets up] Ho ho, lucky I was wearing an extra large piece of
the True Cross today. I think I'll go inside.
[a shot hits Homer's pick axe]
Homer: What keeps doing that?
Tony: I told you we should have bought more than three bullets. Let's
just grab him!
-- Louie the henchman, not the marksman,
"Homer the Clown"