Abe: And For The Minimal Outlay Of One Dollar, You Can Take Home A Bottle Of Liquid Lothario, Distilled Don Juan, Catalytically- Carbonated Cassanova.

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Abe: And for the minimal outlay of one dollar, you can take home a
bottle of liquid Lothario, distilled Don Juan, catalytically-
carbonated Cassanova. Lock old Rover in the shed, 'cause man has
a new best friend in Simpson & Son's revitalizing tonic.
Man: I'm not convinced! I've had bad luck with aphrodisiacs.
Abe: All question will be answered, all fears will be allayed, with
one incontrovertible demonstration. May I have a volunteer from
the audience? [points to Homer] Yes, _you_ sir.
Now, sir, you've never seen me before, is that correct?
Homer: [wooden] That is correct.
Man: Well then how come his face is on the bottle?
Homer: [pause] Um...
Abe: [pause] Um...
-- Salesmen stumpers, "Grampa vs. Sexual Inadequacy"