Homer: [changing Channels, Seeing Snow] Hmm. Cable's Out.

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Homer: [changing channels, seeing snow] Hmm. Cable's out.
[switch scene to kitchen]
Think I'll have a beer. [opens fridge] Hmm. Not a drop in the
house. What do you know.
Marge: Homer, I'm impressed! You're taking this quite well.
Homer: [crazy] I'll kill you...I'll kill all of you!
Marge: Homer!
Homer: Sorry, sorry. Don't worry...there's plenty I can do to keep
myself occupied. Maybe I'll check out that axe collection.
[walks out, shuts door, then pops head back in]
[evil] See you later...
Lisa: Mom, is Dad going to kill us?
Marge: We're just going to have to wait and see.
-- Cavalier about death, "Treehouse of Horror V"