Lovejoy: Marge, We Can't Tell You How Sorry We Are.

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Lovejoy: Marge, we can't tell you how sorry we are.
Ned: You have our deepest condol-diddely-olences.
[stammering] I'm sorry, I'm just nervous: I didn't mean any
Marge: What are you talking about?
Ned: You know...Homer's passing.
[Marge looks blankly]
[Marge looks blankly]
Into death.
Marge: What?! [looks at paper] That's ridiculous! Homer's not dead.
He's right out back in the hammock.
[they all go out back; the hammock is now empty]
Ned: Oh, Marge, of course Homer's alive: he's alive in all our
Maude: Yes, Marge -- I can see him.
Lisa: [skipping by] Hi everybody!
Lovejoy: Marge, I'm going to give you the card of our juvenile
-- Tim, always helpful, "Mother Simpson"