Bart: Don't Worry, Mom. I Can Use My...[looks Confused] "Shinning".

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Bart: Don't worry, Mom. I can use my...[looks confused] "Shinning"...
to call Willy. [concentrates]
[Willy watches TV in a little house]
Kent: And that was the first time she'd ever flown a plane.
Willy: Uh oh. The little fat boy and his family are in trouble.
[runs outside, throws TV in the snow] I'm coming to rescue the
lot of you!
[opens door to lodge] All right, loony: show me what you got.
[Homer drives an axe into his back]
Aw, is that the best you can do? [collapses]
Marge: Oh, my. I hope that rug was Scotchgarded.
-- Marge, ever practical, "Treehouse of Horror V"