Mr Scott, I Have A Fix - It's Captain Kirk !" "Mr Scott To Transporter Room.

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"Mr Scott, I have a fix - it's Captain Kirk !"

"Mr Scott to transporter room. Lock onto navigator's coordinates and beam
to the bridge immediately"

The captain materialized next to the navigator console, with an extremely
surprised look on his face.

"Cap'n Kirk, it's good to see you" beamed Scotty (through force of habit).

"Scotty, your sense of timing is dreadful", said Kirk, hurriedly zipping
himself up, "sorry about your console Checksum - well done Mr Scott.
Dr McCoy, search the ship's library for an archive program called CRASHME.C.
Run it through the universal translator into Pascal, and bring the
result to the Transport Level as soon as it is ready. Now Mr Scott,
why is my Error Logger bright blue ?'