The Trio Entered /usr/pub, And Took A Small Table. Around Them People Were Drinking And Engaged In Unintelligible Arguments (like "-cFS" Or "-xb 250").

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The trio entered /usr/pub, and took a small table. Around them
people were drinking and engaged in unintelligible arguments (like "-cFS"
or "-xb 250"). A swarthy individual approached the group, and thrust his
face close to Kirk's.

"i don't like your interface !", he said.

"I'm sorry about that", said Kirk, "it's a standard string descriptor".

"it'll be a standard 'kill -9' if you're not careful !!"

"I'm sorry, I'll try to remember in future". Kirk whispered to Spock,
"Quick Spock immobilize him with your Vulcan whatever-it-is".

Spock stepped forward and brought his knee up smartly into the aggressor's
groin. He emitted a plausible imitation of a head crash, and collapsed
on the floor. There was a momentary State Transition, as silence fell
on the room. Then normal activity was resumed, and no-one paid any
futher attention to the group. Spock turned to the captain:

"It is better not to enable privileges if they are not needed."

"Well done Spock, you must teach me that sometime."

"Friends, we are in luck. Look over there;" said Pascal.

Spock and Kirk peered through the haze at a lone figure at another table,
who seemed in an advanced state of entropy.

"It is the linker. If we are to load CRASHME into the system;
we will need his help;"

They approached the figure. "Hi there old timer, can we join you?",
asked Kirk.

The figure looked up blearily, and waved to an empty process slot beside
him. They took turns to swap in and out of the only spare chair.

"Greetings old friend, what ails you ?;"

"well how would you feel", he growled, "if you had nothing to link but
output from c programs for the last 500 megacycles. do you think it's
fun or something ?"

"How would you like to link and load a really interesting program written
in Pascal ?;"

A light entered the linker's eyes, and settled down to its unaccustomed
perch behind his retinas.

"if you can still remember how to compile one, i can link it", he declared,
raising the glass to his lips and nearly drinking from it.

"All we have to do is get the program from the ENTERP::", said Spock.

"First things first", said Kirk, "I must purge my working set".

He walked from the table, and entered the small room at the back marked