Mr Scott, I Have Successfully Mounted An Area Of /usr/planet As A Remote NFS Client Disk "Excellent Checksum.

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"Mr Scott, I have successfully mounted an area of /usr/planet as a remote
NFS client disk

"Excellent Checksum. Remind me to mention you in 'Software Dispatch'"

"Scotty", exclaimed McCoy, "the least mention of what we're doing the
better. Not only are you using the IP address of that moon, you've
altered our ethernet address as well, which is not only against Star
Fleet regulations, but a flagrant abuse of LOG_IO privileges".

"Pipe down McCoy, you dinna want to be found out by an ARP do you?"

McCoy, who wouldn't recognize an ARP request if it shouted his name in his
ear, piped down.

"Mr Scott, the area seems to be some kind of public recreational area.
I've narrowed in on a small area that seems to be write enabled."

"Very good, Mr Checksum, full sensor scan for any sign of intelligent
case independent life forms".