A Boyfriend And Girlfriend Were Visiting The Zoo One Day.

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A boyfriend and girlfriend were visiting the zoo one day. They stopped
outside the gorilla cage and decided to observe the gorilla's habits. The
gorilla seemed bemused by the couple and just sat there doing absolutely
After several minutes of staring at the gorilla, the boyfriend said to his
girlfriend "Lift up your blouse and show him your tits".
The girlfriend, at first, refused but then decided that it might be amusing
to see how the gorilla would react. She hoisted up her top and the gorilla
immediately raised his eyebrows.
Seeing the gorilla's reaction the boyfriend said "Drop your pants and show
him your ass".
The girlfriend dropped her pants and showed the gorilla her ass. The gorilla
began to pant and had sweat pouring off his gorilla eyebrows. He started jumping
up and down and running around his cage.
The boyfriend then said to his girlfriend "Now drop your pants and show him
your pussy".
The girlfriend hesitated for only a moment and then drop her pants and showed
the gorilla her pussy. The gorilla was now going completely crazy with sweat
pouring off his brows and an enormous gorilla hard-on. He was jumping up and
down frantically.
The boyfriend then pushed his girlfriend into the cage! She was shaking in
the corner and as the gorilla approached her, the boyfriend said "NOW TELL HIM