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This guy was walking through the zoo one day. When he was in front of
the gorilla cage he bent down to tie his shoe. He noticed through the
corner of his eye that the gorilla had also bent down. Then when he stood
back up he saw that the gorilla also stood back up. To see if it was a
coincidence, he bent down to tie his other shoe and once again the gorilla
bent down. He stood up and the gorilla stood up. After glancing over his
shoulder to make sure that nobody else was around, the man jumped up in the
air. And you guessed it, the gorilla jumped up. The man was getting a kick
out of it. He started making faces at the gorilla and the gorilla would
copy everything he did. Finally the man got next to the cage and pulled the
lower lid of his right eye down. At this point the gorilla reached through
the cage pulled the guy in, threw the guy around the cage, and generally
beat the shit out of him, then threw him back out of the cage. After
hearing all the commotion, the zookeeper came running over to the man.

"What on earth happened?" asked the zookeeper. "I don't know" said the man.
"He seemed calm a second ago. I was jumping around and he was jumping
around and he was doing every thing I was doing. Then all of sudden after I
did this (pulls lower eyelid down) he got all mad and beat the hell out of
me." "Well no wonder!!!" exclaimed the zookeeper. "That" (pulls lower
eyelid down) "means F... YOU in gorilla talk!" "Oh" said the man not quite

He left the zoo but returned an hour later with a large shopping
bag. Again, after making sure that no one was watching, he started jumping
around and the gorilla did the same. After a minute or two of this he
grabbed the bag and pulled out two butcher knives and threw one of them
into the cage. He lifted the other knife over his head at which point the
gorilla grabbed his knife and also lifted it over his head. After a minute
of cutting the air with his knife and watching the gorilla do likewise the
man snuck a large salami out of the bag with his other hand and stuck it
between his legs. With a sweeping motion he came down with the knife and
whacked off the salami "WHACK!!!" At this, the gorilla simply looked at the
man and pulled down his lower eyelid.