This Zoo Had A Female Gorilla, But No Male Gorilla.

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This zoo had a female gorilla, but no male gorilla. This female
gorilla was really getting horny and the zoo had no one to take
care of her.

One day they decided to advertise in the paper for someone who
would "take care of" this female gorilla. They started at $200.00
but got no response. Finally, at $1000.00 a guy answered the ad.

The guy looked at the gorilla and told the zoo keeper that he
would do it, but only if they would put a bag over the gorilla's
head. The zoo keeper agreed. So they put a bag over the gorillas
head and this guy got into the cage.

Well this gorilla was extremely horny. She grabbed this guy and
started fucking him every way you could imagine.

They were bouncing off the walls, up and down the cage, making
love wildly. All of a sudden the guy started yelling at the top
of his voice, "Get it off! Get it off!" So the attendants jumped
in the cage and pulled the gorilla off.

The guy yelled, "What the hell are you doing?!" "You said to get
it off." The guy says, "Hell, I meant the bag, I wanna kiss the