A Young Couple Is Living On A Farm. One Evening A Flying Saucer Lands On The Farm, Right Next To Their House.

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A young couple is living on a farm. One evening a flying saucer lands on the
farm, right next to their house. Out of the flying saucer steps a young Martian
couple, and they look very much like humans. The earth woman invites the
Martians for dinner. They all sit down and start talking. They begin
exchanging ideas and traditions, and they get to liking each other so much that
they decide to switch partners for the night. The farmer and the Martian's wife
go into one of the rooms, and the farmer's wife and the Martian man go into the
other room.
As the Martian man takes off his pants, the farmer's wife looks down and sees
that his phallus is extremely small. "What are you gonna do with that?" she
says. "I'll show you," he says, and proceeds to twist his right ear. Suddenly
his penis extends to a foot and a half. However, it is still only as thick as a
pencil. "That's pretty long," says the woman, "but it's really not very wide."
The Martian then reaches up, twists his left ear, and he becomes as thick as a
huge sausage. They then proceed to have sex.
The next morning, the Martians take off and the farmer and his wife are
having breakfast.
"So, how was it?" asks the farmer.
"It was great," says the wife, "the best sex I've ever had! How was yours?"
"Well," says the farmer, "it was kinda weird. All night long she kept
playing with my ears."