A Young Man And Woman Have Only Been Married For Two Days.

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A young man and woman have only been married for two days. One night, just as
they are getting ready to go to bed, they hear a noise in the backyard, kind
of like a vacuum cleaner in reverse. They put on their robes and run outside,
there, hovering over the lawn is a flying saucer. It lands, and two tall,
beautiful silver aliens get out. Obviously a male and a female, and according
to earth standard, quite beautiful. They explain to the newlyweds that they
need to stay overnight to effect repairs to their ship. The young couple
agrees, and invite the aliens in for a snack. The aliens agree, but say that
it would only be sociable to then invite the newlyweds for a snack. "We will
invite you aboard our spacecraft, but you must abide by our customs. You must
stay the night, and it is only courteous that we change partners for the
night." The newlyweds talk it over and agree. That night, the wife is with
the male alien. He undresses and she stares at his perfect body. Then her gaze
crosses his groin, and a look of disappointment comes over her. "Is there
something wrong?" asks the alien. "Well, you seem so ... uh... small." "No
problem," replies the alien, he twists his ear and his organ grows longer. The
woman still seems disappointed. She indicates she would like the alien to be
"wider." He twists the other ear and grows wider. The next morning over
breakfast, the wife tells her husband what a wonderful night she had with the
alien, and that she can hardly wait to share some of the techniques with her
husband the next night. "Honey, how was your night?" she asks. "Terrible."
he said. "The female alien was truly beautiful, but all she did was twist my
ears all night long."