A Man Was Golfing, And Everything Was Going The Usual Way For His Game, When He Came To The 16th Hole And Had A Hole In One!

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A man was golfing, and everything was going the usual way for his game, when
he came to the 16th hole and had a hole in one! As he reached in the hole
to get his ball, out came a genie. The genie said "I grant you one wish."
The man didn't take long to make his request, "I'd like to have the the
biggest cock in the world." POOF! His cock became so long that it drug
behind him two feet. He was so stunned by this that he couldn't go on with
his golf game. He went back to the clubhouse dragging his cock behind him.
Everyone in the clubhouse stared at him as he made his way to see the pro.
"Look what happened to me on the 16th hole!" he yelled at the club pro.
After explaining to the pro what had caused his elongated 'putter,' the
golfer asked the pro what he thought he could do to remedy the situation.
"Why don't you take this bucket of balls and go back to the 16th hole and
try to get another hole-in-one. Maybe then you'll get the genie back and
he can help you." So off the golfer went to the 16th hole. After hours of
hitting balls and not even coming close to getting a hole-in-one, lightning
finally struck twice. Just as the golfer reached in to retrieve his golf
ball, out popped the genie. "Don't tell me," said the genie, "I think I
know what you want this time. You want your cock shrunk back to normal,
right?" "No!" the golfer replied, "I want you to make my legs longer!"