One Day A Man Was Playing Golf By Himself. He Hit A Tee Shot Into A Sand Trap.

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One day a man was playing golf by himself. He hit a tee shot into a sand
trap. While looking for his ball, he unearthed an antique lamp. He dusted
it off and a genie appeared. With a raised hand, the golfer stopped the
genie, saying, "I don't want anything. I'm happy with life as it is." No
matter what the genie said, the golfer could not be convinced to make even
one wish. The golfer played on, but the genie, having much experience in
these matters, knew what every man wants. The genie gave the golfer health,
wealth and a great sex life. A year later, the same man hit his golf ball
into the same sand trap. Looking for his ball, he again found the lamp.
As soon as the golfer picked up the lamp, the genie appeared. The man again
stopped the genie. The genie said, "Then, sir, please grant ME a wish and
answer some questions." The golfer agreed. "How is your health?" asked the
genie. "Unusually good this past year," said the man. Feeling better, the
genie asked, "How about your finances?" "I won the lottery several months
ago," said the golfer. "Excellent!" beamed the genie, "And how is your
love life?" "Not that it is any of your business," said the man, "But I
get it about twice a week." "Is that all?" asked the disappointed genie.
"Well," said the golfer, "I don't know about you, but I think that is
pretty darn good for a priest in a small parish!"