Unknown An Avid Golfer And His Wife Are Playing The Course.

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An avid golfer and his wife are playing the course. The husband has a
great round going until he gets to the par 4, 14th hole where he slices
badly to the right and ends up behind a barn. He is upset and complaining
that he is going to have to waist a shot to chip back to the fairway. His
wife said, "Look, honey if you open the doors at both ends of the barn
you have a clear shot right to the green."
The husband opened both sets of doors and proceeded to hit the ball.
He sliced again and the ball hit the barn, bounced back hitting his wife
in the head, killing her.
After some months the husband had put the tragic death of his wife
behind him. He had met a new lady and they were soon married. One day
they are out on the same golf course; lo and behold the husband is having
another great round. When they get to the 14th hole the husband sliced
badly to the right and again ends up behind the barn! He is grumbling and
upset that he must waist a shot to chip back to the fairway.
His wife began to say, "Honey, if you open both sets of doors..."
"No way!" said the husband, cutting his wife off in mid sentence. "The
last time I tried that on this hole I ended up with a SEVEN!!!!!"