This Married Couple Go To The Zoo. They Come Up To The Elephant Cage And The Husband Says To His Wife Look At That Big Trunk The Elephant Has.

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This married couple go to the zoo. They come up to the elephant cage
and the husband says to his wife look at that big trunk the elephant
has. The wife says, that's nice. Then they go on to the next cage and
there is a tiger. The husband tells the wife, look at those big teeth
the tiger has. His wife says, that's nice. Then they get to the next
cage and there is a skunk. The husband says what a nice little, cute
skunk. I sure would like to take it home with us. The wife say no, we
can't. We will get in trouble if we take it, besides how can we take
it out of here without anyone noticing? The husband tells her we can put
it under your skirt. The wife says, Oh, no, it smells. The husband
says that's okay, the skunk can hold it's breath. :-)