A Man Suspects His Wife Of Cheating On Him, So He Goes To The Pet Store To Shop For A Parrot.

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A man suspects his wife of cheating on him, so he goes to the pet store
to shop for a parrot. He sees quite an assortment for sale for $500 to $1000,
but that's a bit more than he want to spend, so he's delighted to come across
one in the corner for sale for $29.95. "How come that one's so cheap," he
asks the clerk. "To tell you the truth, his dick is oversized and it embar-
rasses the customers." The husband buys the bird anyway, and installs it on
a perch right over the bed. The next day the first thing he does after coming
home form work is to rush upstairs ... "Well, what happened today?" he
demanded of the bird. "Well, the milkman came, and your wife told him to
come into the bedroom, and they took off their clothes and got into bed."
"So what happened next," screamed the husband. "I don't know," says the
parrot, "My dick got hard and I fell off my perch!"