A Sheep Grazier Has Hired Some Aboriginal Farm Hands To Help Him On The Property, One Of Whom's Wife Is Pregnant.

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A sheep grazier has hired some aboriginal farm hands to help him on
the property, one of whom's wife is pregnant... This aboriginal lady
gives birth to a white child so the father approaches the property owner
(who happens to be the only white man) wanting to know what has been going on...

Aboriginal : Ok, so what's the story, my wife just gave birth to a white
boy bossman, whyha do this bossman?

Grazier : I didn't do anything, these things happen, honest they do,
it's just the way nature works, every so often it happens.

Aboriginal : No, no, boss, you been foolin with my wife...

Grazier : Now look here boy, every so often these things happen, look I
got all these white sheep and every so often ya get a black
one, it happens...

Aboriginal : Ok, I'll forget about me boy if you forget about the