Jack + Jill Are Married And Love Each Other. Jack From Time To Time Thinks Jill Has Affairs With Tom, Dick, Or Harry, But He Is Wrong.

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Jack + Jill are married and love each other.
Jack from time to time thinks Jill has affairs
with Tom, Dick, or Harry, but he is wrong.
Jack's best friend is John.
John's wife leaves him, and Jack invites John
to stay with him + Jill.
While Jill is consoling John, John fu*ks Jill.
Jill thus discovers that Jack can't trust John.
Enraged at John's betrayal of Jack,
Jill tells Jack he can't trust John, but not why.
Jack feels Jill is jealous of John + him + is trying
to break up their friendship.
Jack leaves Jill
Jack + John go off together.