Jack And Jill Were Working For This Company. The Company Had Run Into Some Bad Times And The Guy That Owned The Company Was Going To Have To Lay Either Jack Or Jill Off.

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Jack and Jill were working for this company. The company had run
into some bad times and the guy that owned the company was going
to have to lay either Jack or Jill off. He really couldn't decide
which one to lay off because they were both really good workers.

One day, he decided which ever one of them came back from lunch
first, he was going to lay off. Sure enough, here came Jill up
the front stairs. As she entered the front door, he walked up
to her and said, "Listen Jill, I'm really sorry but I'm going to
have to either lay you or Jack off."

Jill replied, "Well you're going to have to jack off cause I got a